soups and stews

Chicken and Rice Soup


 I spend a lot of time at Panera Bread and do love their Chicken and Wild Rice Soup. Just don't like how it looks on my thighs. So I copied it in a thigh-friendly manner. 

Chicken Soup


It really is the magic elixir that really does cure all.

Soup and a Side of Fryes


This week I’m incentivized to save. To cook for my family every night. To keep us out of restaurants. To show my children that I can be economically prudent when it comes to eating in.

Because this week…I want these boots.

Crock Pot Corn Chowder


There is no other modern invention that I know of where you can pretty much take anything out of your pantry and throw it in there, leave for ten hours and come home to an amazing dinner. 

Crock Pot Chili


This no snow snow day is a crock of something I can't write here. But we'll always have chili.