Crock Pot Corn Chowder

Make fun of it all you want. Call me a Suzy Homemaker, QVC Junkie, Costco Connie. I don’t care. Because a crock pot will make your life (and subsequently the lives of those around you) a lot easier. Why? Because there is no other modern invention that I know of where you can pretty much take anything out of your pantry and throw it in there, leave for ten hours and come home to an amazing dinner. It’s a no-brainer. So if you don’t have one, go get one.

There are thousands of things you can do in a crock pot. From Matzoh Ball soup to Lasagna, every cookbook offers recipes to try. Since mine don’t really have any methods to their madness, I’ll try to make up some savory name to make it sound good. This one comes off the heels of the previous night when one of my clients called me to discuss something absolutely irrelevant at 6 pm. Okay, I’m a professional, I can handle it. But not having dinner prepared made it just a little bit more difficult to assuage the natives (read: kids) as I was tearing through my freezer while on the call. So today’s recipe is appropriately titled “My Boss is a Crock Of…” and you can fill in the blanks (and the ingredients). Now, when he calls me tonight at dinnertime with the same inane request, I’ll at least have something stewing other than my annoyance.

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Corn Chowder that Cuts Down on My Canned Corn Collection

  • One onion (chopped)
  • 1 Package of baby carrots (or whatever carrots you have in fridge)
  • 2 Boxes chicken broth
  • However many cans of corn you have (up to 3)
  • 1 or 2 cans of creamed corn (yes, more corn)
  • 1 package chicken (frozen, defrosted, on the bone, boneless…whatever you have)
  • If you don’t have chicken, throw in some frozen turkey bacon. Or, if you have more time fry up the turkey bacon and put it in crispy at the end.
  • Spices (anything you have will work…dash of salt, pepper, cumin, parsley)


  1. Let’s see…um, put everything in crock pot at 7 am.
  2. Put on slow cook for 8 hours.
  3. Leave house.
  4. Deal with annoying boss.
  5. Come home.
  6. Take chicken out of soup and shred.
  7. Return chicken to soup.
  8. Enjoy.
  9. Laugh when boss calls because you are eating a home cooked delicious dinner after working a full day and she is stuck in traffic and will likely eat McDonalds. This soup is awesome and it freezes well! I suggest freezing in mini containers.