Main Dishes

Tacos in Bowls


Why is it that food always looks more appetizing when it’s displayed in little bowls? 

Totally Rad Salmon


Is fish really gorgeous? Is a piece of fruit really nice? Why do we have t personify food anyway? 

Chicken and Rice


What some people call ADD I call multitasking...

Le Madeline Pizza


There is a cute café in my neighborhood called Le Madeline. It’s French, in that ‘suburban chain restaurant but we’ll try to make it look unique’ kind of way. 

BBQ Brisket


I don’t know about you but I have an inordinate amount of piles in my house.

Cornflake Crumb Chicken


Happy Back to School, Moms. Go have a drink and get the hell out of the parking lot. 

Sandra's Grilled Chicken


I have a recipe box that I got at an art festival years ago. It's about as organized as the rest of my life but the cards that it holds are priceless since some are from family members who are no longer with us.

Sizzling Fajitas


There is a quiet that has fallen upon this household that I can only compare to that of an empty nest.

Chicken Pot Pie


Fittingly, tonight’s dinner will pay homage to the need for comfort items (no matter what they are) with the most comforting of all comfort foods.

Skirt Steak


What to cook for your family when you’re reading erotica…

When Your Kid's at Camp


Don't stalk Facebook looking for pics! Go to dinner!! Get out of the house! Trust me!

Salmon with Dill


Maybe we should do something pink. Something pink and healthy. Salmon. Yes, salmon it is.