Life Lessons

There are so many things you'll need to know, dear children, when leaving the nest. I hope you'll take a few of these tips with you and possibly consider employing them over the next few years right in the comfort of your own home.

How to get the mail

A compelling video for anyone who may receive mail. 

Taking out the trash

A simple tutorial on how to take out the trash. Useful for anyone who throws things away.

Retrieving Items

What to do when you stumble across items on the floor? 

How to use the washing machine

Offers useful tips for those who like their clothes to be clean.

Taking clothes out of the dryer

A must for anyone who doesn't like to wear wet clothes. 

How to load the dishwasher

A simple guide for anyone who has dishes that require washing.

How to Start the Dishwasher

For anyone who has just loaded the dishwasher, this tutorial is a MUST!

The fridge dilemma

Upon finding something unusual in the fridge...

How to answer a question

A simple guide on answering a simple question.

Avoiding Environmental Hazards

Keeps your insurance costs down and avoids unnecessary accidents in your home.

Turning off the lights

It is customary to turn off the lights prior to leaving a home. Here's how.

Flushing the toilet

What to do when you come across a toilet that needs flushing.