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My Mother-in-Law is Coming for Thanksgiving So I Better Have Something Kick Ass to Serve Squash Dish

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: November 19th, 2012 |  4 Comments

Oh no you didn’t. Oh yes I did. Yeah, I’m going there. You know it’s been bothering you all month so you might as well start thinking about it now considering Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Now, before I continue I should duly note that 1) my mother-in-law is not coming for Thanksgiving and 2) if she […]


Hunkering Down…Cream of Chicken and Corn Chowder

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: October 29th, 2012 |  2 Comments
Hunkering Down…Cream of Chicken and Corn Chowder

Was planning on writing about allowance today but it seems so inconsequential when the storm of the century is battering the entire East Coast. Last year at about this time, Hurricane Irene  almost devastated New York City. This time it seems more dire. Eerily unprecedented. Newscasters using terms like “catastrophic,” “mind boggling” and “unlike anything we’ve […]


Still Undecided…

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: October 22nd, 2012 |  3 Comments
Still Undecided…

about what to be for Halloween this year? No silly, this is not about the election! I’d NEVER do that on my blog. Because then I’d be one of those people who talks about who I’m voting for, or, worse, puts signs up in my yard and then you’d judge me. If I said OBAMA […]


Reply All Etiquette

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: October 15th, 2012 |  10 Comments
Reply All Etiquette

I think a lot can be learned about people by their use of ‘Reply All.’ Originally created as a work tool to help disseminate information (similar to that of an office memo back in the ice age), today  the ‘Reply All’ button, IMHO, is grossly overused. Maybe people think they’re being funny and want others […]


Why, Aren’t We Plump and Perky Today?…Crockpot Chicken Chili

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: September 4th, 2012 |  10 Comments
Why, Aren’t We Plump and Perky Today?…Crockpot Chicken Chili

If my daughter gets her period before age 11 can I sue Costco? I’m not kidding. Because I just happened to be shopping there over the weekend and couldn’t help but notice that every single piece of produce and every single slab of meat looks absolutely perfect. Perfect like this: And then I just happened [...]


Too Many Piles…BBQ Brisket (to die for)

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: August 17th, 2012 |  6 Comments

I don’t know about you but I have an inordinate amount of piles in my house. Piles that get shifted to various locations depending on the goings on of the household. Typically mail piles are pretty much everywhere unless people are coming over. Then they get shoved into drawers. Which is really bad because bills [...]


Back to School Jitters…Cornflake Crumb Chicken

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: August 11th, 2012 |  11 Comments
Back to School Jitters…Cornflake Crumb Chicken

They look happy enough. So why am I crying?   I’ve been unusually anxious over the past few weeks. You know, your typical can’t eat, eat too much, yell too much, stay away from me or you’ll be in time-out for no reason, and just a general feeling of unease. Didn’t quite know what it [...]


Let’s Make Some Noise…Sizzling Summer Fajitas

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: July 30th, 2012 |  6 Comments
Let’s Make Some Noise…Sizzling Summer Fajitas

I’ve been decoding my letters from my daughter, Talia to gauge how much fun she’s really having at sleep away camp. The first letter came to her sister, Ryan. It was abundantly loving, leading me to believe she wasn’t having any fun at all. “I miss you soooooooooooooo much and I can’t wait to see [...]


End of The Summer Salads…Watermelon/Feta, Tomato Caprese, Asian Slaw

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: July 26th, 2012 |  6 Comments
End of The Summer Salads…Watermelon/Feta, Tomato Caprese, Asian Slaw

A friend of mine hosted an “End of the Summer Salads” dinner party last week. I was confused at first. Did this mean we were celebrating the salads that sat around all summer and we were going to eat them wilted? Or did it mean we would only be eating salads whose ingredients are available [...]


Blame It On Lorraine…Red, White and Blue Cocktail

by mykitchenchaos | posted on: July 3rd, 2012 |  6 Comments
Blame It On Lorraine…Red, White and Blue Cocktail

Or is it The Rain? I don’t know. It’s too damn hot to think. How does one possibly stay cool when it’s 108 degrees? Douse oneself with ice cubes all day? Blast the AC and hole up at home? Move to Alaska? Every summer when there is some semblance of a heat wave somewhere, the [...]